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As you are the one who will be getting married, the actual tasks of napkin folding, setting silverware, and similar will be kept to the caterer. However , for making your wedding a memorable event it is far better if you are the anyone to come up with the wedding color scheme idea and the style that you would want to follow for the table settings. Every modern culture and culture is different, which will affect the lay-out within the tables in the wedding hallway. For example , in many western countries, having a seating plan is very important and the hall and the information will be mapped out thoroughly when the RSVPs have been received. But also in other countries, knowing how many people will attend is enough, and everyone will sit where ever they want. In some societies, males and females sit separately, while in others they sit in concert. And what about a top table? This is where the bride and groom take a seat, with their immediate family members. Is something that you want? The factors may affect the style of table setting that you are looking for.

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